NOTE: This is An Official Chakatan's Adventure Product and is The 1st ever CA Story that's been written by Shaden

Adventure to the Shadow Realm consist in 5 chapters, it consist of 3 guys hangin' around, becoming 'warriors'...


  • Chakatan
  • Shaden
  • Austin

Chapter 1

  • Shaden comes to his room, after grabbing a drink, to rest after a long day...
  • Chakatan comes in the room...

-Dude! Aren't we goin' to a party!? Why the freak are in the bed!!??-

  • Shaden, lazily talking-Hey, i need some rest...I've bin up for a whole week...-
  • Chakatan quickly destroys Shaden's bed and asks...-Please! When can we ever go to a party!?-
  • Shaden stares at Chakatan straight in the eye... -We've been on a party 5 times this month! When can i ever get some rest?-
  • Chakatan begs to go on a party -PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!!
  • Shaden, sarcastically... -Don't go to a party...-
  • Chakatan: -PLEAAAAASE!!!! With sugar on top, and what ever you soul-sythes eat...
  • Shaden: -First of all, it's SHADOW-SOULS, we come from from the Shadow Realm... And second, okay...-
  • Chakatan: -Sweet! Imma catch Austin-

Chapter 2

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