Andre is a brown stickmen that has a hammer hes a bad boss cause of his darkside and also a good guy cause of the real him

iam welcoming Andre HES NOT A DEMIGOD

Andre E Caritativo is an RHG Gladiator created by Stone.this is me

Biography Edit

Andre was once a normal guy, until he had been given a gift from a greater being provably a God. He had came across his hammer, forged together with platinum,vibranium copper, silver,gods Metal and iron. Infused with an electric force and freezing force and dark energy from great evil that consumed his soul. This hammer is his greatest attribute and his prison. Andre is bound to his hammer and his dark side keep coming out.

Statistics Edit

Status: available

Abilities Edit

  • Andre has brute strength and power
  • Wields a giant hammer
  • His hammer has electricity on it
  • He is a huge combo maker
  • Can use different weapons
  • Very acrobatic
  • Andre has ice powers he can make his hammer cold at negative -0c or negative zero celcious
  • Has evil dark powers that bind his hammer to darkness its full of hatred madness and badness only activate when Andre's mad
  • Andre is a bit fire resistant cause of his ice hammer bound to him
  • Andre can withstand and repels electricity cause of his electric hammer bound to him
  • He can withstand black hole and bright things cause of his dark hammer bound to him
  • Andre can hold his breath for 30 minutes
  • Nobody else can wield his hammer but him only
  • Can summon black holes

Weakness Edit

  • Andre is claustrophobic
  • Andre is greatly weakened by things that overwhelm him
  • Andre is combo dependent (means always need to launch combo not much of one hitter)
  • Andre is bound to his hammer
  • Andre has a phobia of great heights but its only on like 155 floors high
  • Andre always have to stop his anger management
  • Andre cannot be like burnt in positive + 100c or Positive one hundred celcious
  • Andre cannot use his hammers when he is hungry

The proof he is combo master watch this copy and paste it 


  • hes not a demi god 
  • some people thought hes a monster boss 
  • hes brown like me (( TRUE)) 
  • he hates uniforms 
  • he likes any suit exept for the tight one cause of his claustrophobia 
  • hes favorite game is assasins creed  
  • he does not stalk or hide 
  • hes a very nice guy 
  • add more please