Black was deleted but was made again for some reason. He is a mutant snake.


Black looks like a stickman's arm. He often appears in some movies and games.


Black is friendly and mischievous sometimes but when he gets mad everything will get crazy. Black is cheerful, smart and a bit worried sometimes. Black is scared of dangers but when enemies well he's not afraid and he loves to adventure..


  • Dashing
  • Random abilities (sometimes)
  • Items
  • 1 punch
  • Running away


  • Punch: Black punches an enemy.
  • Shout: Everytime Black has been hit, he shouts and escapes idioticly.
  • Dash: Black dashes to all enemies and hits them 1 time and they will die.
    • This needs 2 slush tokens.
    • Needs level 1 ultra bar.


  • Black has no power.
  • Black is the only character on this wiki that is not a stickman apart from the pets from Slush RPG.
  • Black looks like a stickman's body or a foot or an arm.
  • Black dreams to be one of the slush fighters.
  • Black was a snake when he was a kid but was mutated.
  • Black's favorite season are Halloween, Christmas and spring.
  • Black's favorite type of movie is horror but is scared to watch.
  • Black mostly eats pizza.
  • Patrols usally chase black down
  • Black is unstopable even a nuke can't get a scratch on him.
  • He is a 5 feet tall monster.
  • He protects normal people from threat.
  • Black's laser can destroy anything that,s why he doesn't use it to often.