Bob stick is a Brown stick whose main weapon is a bat with mystic powers. Please don't edit.


•He can control his bat(Like making it come back to hit the enemy like a boomerang).

•He can shoot a laser and mystic waves with his bat.

•He can heal himself with his bat.

•His bat can make a shield around him for a limited amount of time.


•Upgrade 1:Swords and Bats(9000 points):All allies who use close ranged weapons deal 45% more damage'

•Upgrade 2:Laser(12000 points):After his Standard attack Bob stick shoots a laser at the target.

•Upgrade 3:Home Run: Level 2 ultra.1 slush token. Bob stick Smashes his bat on the target a few times then he hits him (if big blue) high into the sky or (if normal enemy) for huge damage.


  • It is unknown where bob stick got his bat.
  • He hasn't yet discovered the full extent of his bat's powers.
  • His idea came from Home run bat from the game combat tournament legends.
  • His bat is immbreakable(unless the opponent is veeeeeeery strong although it still reforms) although he does lose his power to control it if it is taken far away.