General Blue
General Blue is the General/Leader of the Blues since Big Blue was defeated. He is the Blue Toy Box boss and the 6th boss overall in Stickman Adventure. After you defeat him, very few Blues appear in later worlds. They are mostly replaced with more advanced enemies. He calls himself "The New Leader of the Blues".

The Battle

After the Intro, a swarm of Blues (Also known as a Blue Bunch) will attack you. Using Brian Tae's Infinipound will deliver more damage than needed. As the Blue Bunch only has 75 HP.

Next, 12 cards fall from the sky. They form two piles of six cards that form into Stilt Blues. They need 3 attacks each to knock out their stilts completely. They also then need three attacks to finish them off. It is recommended that you use Dragostick to take them out.

Now General Blue is very very angry and sends in what he calls the "Elite Eight" which is really just two Blue Stacks. There are four blues in each stack and it takes 4 attacks to knock out each Blue.

The final wave of enemies are two Zomblues. After they attack, they become inert and unable to attack, making them the easiest enemies in the world IF THEY DIDN'T POISON YOU!!! Use an item to remove the poison effect or switch out to a different defender.

General Blue is FURIOUS that you beat his entire army and decides to settle it himself. He rides onscreen on his tank. He uses a Solar Panel to power a forcefield. Destroy the nightlight so the forcefield goes down. Then defeat him with ordinary attacks. After you defeat him, you get a healing potion, 72 EXP, and Drewstick, who has been held hostage.

In Slush RPG 2

He is only there as the tutorial boss, but the more important role is his egyptain ancestor, Pharaoh Blue, the boss of Ancient Egypt.


  • He is often mistaken for General Blue from the Dragon Ball Series.
  • He is the only boss to be a boss in two other wikis.
  • He has a special implant in his brain that allows him to breathe on the moon.
  • He picked up the fancy cap for $40 at Costco.
  • The 72 EXP is a refernce to his initals (GB) on the numerical alphabet (Example: A=1 B=2 C=3 etc.).
  • His tank can transform into a mech.