You promised to be by my side, no matter what, right? I trust you, so no matter what, I have my faith in you!

—Hinamaya, to Vincent

Hinamaya Iku

Hinamaya, as she appears in Chapter IV - Season 3

Character Information
Alias(es): Lady Hinamaya (by Claude)
Mistress (by Vincent and Marilyn)
Little Girl (by Sinfero)
Miss Iku
Status: Alive
Age: 14 (Currently; Chapter V - Season 6)
Birthday: December 3, 2000
Gender: Female
Relatives: John Alfred Iku (Father; deceased)
Elizabeth Iku (Mother; deceased)
Marilyn Iku (Maid; adopted older sister)
Sinfero Angrove Iku (Grandfather)
Nathaniel Sena (Cousin)
Natasha Sena (Cousin)
Michael Sena (Uncle)
First Appearance: Chapter I - Season 3: Episode 21 (cameo)
Stories from Summer - Season 1: Episode 1 (side-series debut)
Chapter IV - Season 1: Episode 6 (main series debut)
Latest Appearance: Chapter VI - Season 3: Episode 22
Voiced by: N/A

Hinamaya Iku (sometimes called by her nickname of "Hina") is one of the main protagonists of the Stickman Universe: Stories from Summer side-series.

Hinamaya is a thirteen year old junior high school student and she is the heir of her family's inheritance. She is also Vincent's mistress during the summer seasons, due to a promise that he must keep for her sake.


Hinamaya's main color is pink with a slightly darker pink outline. She has yellow eyes and is considerably smaller in height than the rest of the characters that are not kids, which often has others mistaking her for a pre-teen.

Her anime design has her with pink short twin tail hair tied with a pair of yellow ribbons. Her yellow eyes remain as they are, and her height is also shown in that she is at least by chest point of most of the characters in their own respective anime designs.


Hinamaya is rather impulsive, somewhat spoiled and really brash with her statements and actions, all which come from her experience with her parents who, due to being too busy in keeping their career in check, spend little to no time with her, and even if they do, these times are always short and is spent instead with them talking about her future instead of bonding together.

Hinamaya's impulsive attitude comes from her otaku side, as, though it can be seen as bad, she takes this a "stand against the world" trait, viewing her being an otaku as a life symbol rather than something to be ashamed, afraid or even be embarrassed of, something that Icharu, who is a closet otaku, is jealous of her of but looks up to her for. Though with this, she is still passionate with what she does and is still a trustworthy and reliable person, shown when she managed to take care of both Vincent and Marilyn when both of them got sick and, knowing that she had no experience in doing regular household duties, still pushed herself to take care of both of them with whatever she can possible, although as a result, she also got sick afterwards but Vincent and Marilyn took care of her once they both got better.

She is classified as a tsundere, since she has a deep affection for Vincent, however, despite her thoughtfulness towards him, she is still capable of getting angry at him at times, mostly whenever Vincent would talk to another girl other than her, despite them having no romantic relationship at all. She is greatly annoyed with his ridiculous antics of accidentally creating misunderstandings and as well as with his rather dense nature, however, as time progressed, she is no longer bothered with this. Surprisingly, Hinamaya is actually quite an intelligent girl as she can show off her knowledge in regards to basic academics, being able to easily advance three years at school and able to reach the same year level as Lea and the rest in a short time.


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  • Hinamaya's name is derived from the Japanese word "hina" (陽菜) which means 陽 (hi) "sun, sunlight" or 日 (hi) "day, sun" combined with 菜 (na) "vegetables, greens", and "maya" means "magic" or "illusion" in Hindu.