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JamesLOB is a Navy Blue Stickman and has the powers of a Dark Star and White Icicle. He has the powers of Dark and Ice. His bottle he keeps withhim launches out a strong burst of special wind and can transform into ANYTHING!!!

About Him

JamesLOB loves drawing and can't come up with a script for his story.

He is an awesome dude and is really friendly! He likes to eat BREAD (Cause ya probably already know why)!!! 


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Before Ultra Attack:
 JamesLOB flies onto screen and smashes into the target, and throws Ice and Dark energy Punches. After ten hits like this (Five Ice punches and Five Dark punches), He jumps into the center of the screen and throws Ice and Dark everywhere. If an enemy is hit by Ice, he is stunned for two seconds and If an enemy is hit by Dark, he is damaged.