She's my sister, and even though she hates me now, I still want to be with her. She's family. She's the only family I have left...

—Jessie, to Red

Jessie Laurens

Jessie Laurens -- artwork 2

Jessie, as she appears in Chapter IV - Part 5

Jessie Laurens -- anime artwork 1

Jessie Laurens (Chapter I, III to Chapter V)

Character Information
Alias(es): Test Subject-J16
The Separated Sibling
Status: Alive
Age: 18 (Currently; Ch VI - Part 1 to Present)
Birthday: January 28, 1998
Gender: Female
Relatives: Winona Laurens (Older Sister)
Red (Boyfriend)
First Appearance: Chapter I - Season 1: Episode 7 (cameo)
Chapter I - Season 1: Episode 9 (debut)
Latest Appearance: Chapter VI - Part 3
Voiced by: N/A

Jessie Laurens is one of the members of the Universe Crew and one of its core founding members.

Jessie is a eighteen year old sophomore college student in Pearlshore World University, is one of the founding members of the Universe Crew and is Red's girlfriend. She is also one of the group's core members.


Jessie's main color is pink and she has light blue eyes. Her outline is a slightly pale tone of her main color, but with her extensions it is close to being dark red.

Her anime desgin has her with long, straight pink hair. She still retains her light blue eyes. She is also a bit curvy and her long hair reaches at least above her hips. Her extensions coming from her hair are also more obvious in her anime design compared to her stick figure design which people have confused to her having tentacles.


Good-natured and a very responsible teenage girl, Jessie is the most mature among her, Amy and Paige.

Initially during her first encounter with Vincent and Red, she was relatively hostile toward the two out of wariness and also knows about the petty crimes she, Amy and Paige have been doing in Hope City, afraid of being taken to prison. She is very protective of her two close friends, Amy and Paige, whom she has spent the past years with, seeing the two as her sisters and holds the two as the most important people to her and is willing to go to any length to protect them, even threatening Vincent and Red to never ever try to encounter them again after beating the two the first time. She is also willing to sacrifice herself just to save them, shown when she told Robert and Harry that they can let Paige and Amy go and just kill her instead.

She is not above showing her gratitude or appreciation, luckily, as after Red, Vincent, Dark Green and Jay saved them from the Danger Brothers, she expressed her gratitude to them and apologized to Vincent and Red for their earlier encounter, even hitting Paige over the head when the latter was reluctant to do so. Jessie shows her friendliness and true nature by the time he agreed to join Vincent and Red, where she is shown to be quite a responsible girl but can also be quite immature herself, shown by her heated arguments with Red, even on the smallest of things. Her personality is further explored by the time of Chapter I - Season 3 and the season following it as she did encourage Vincent to not lose to his emotions, especially his wish to beat Lightning and prove himself stronger, citing to the former that he is, to his own surprise, better than the latter in his own way and stronger in that regard. The following season, she was revealed to be academically intelligent, as Amy did note that Jessie had once again managed to pass her exams with only two average grades in two different subjects, something that Paige was rather jealous of her for.

Jessie's character is further explored and developed by the beginning of the fourth chapter.


When she was only 3-years old, Jessie and Winona's parents were murdered by a group of unknown assailants, with the two giving their lives to protect her and her older sister and hide them long enough to get their attackers off their tracks.

Jessie was born with the ability to control her hair, able to render its length and with it being very strong. On the other side, her older sister, Winona, was born with freakish, unfeathered wings on her back. Despite that, Winona looked after Jessie and protected her for a few years until the two were separated when they were kidnapped by a group of people and brought to an unknown research lab. Winona was taken somewhere else, leaving Jessie all alone. Unfortunately, people from the lab told Jessie that her sister had died after a failed test on her. When the lab was destroyed, Jessie escaped with two other kids, Paige and Amy. Going from town to town, Jessie acted as the responsible, older sister to the two and decided that they were to look after one another before settling in the abandoned storage warehouse in Hope City.


Chapter I

Part 1

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Powers and Abilities

Hair Extension

Jessie's main power. Her hair is able to extend for a distinct length, are strong enough to deal strong blows against her opponent and are tough enough to not to be easily damaged by normal means (burned by fire, frozen by ice or cut by sharp objects).

She is able to move one big strand and have others come and grow as well to help give her a secure ground around herself.


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Chapter I

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

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  • Jessie, like Amy and Paige, is based off of an antagonist from the "Project Retribution" stick fight animation.
    • Unlike Amy and Paige however she does not bear the same name as her original counterpart.
  • Jessie, like Amy, likes to wear scarves, though she does not wear them all the time, especially when battling or when a certain crisis is at hand because she does not want it to get dirty, damaged or worst of all, destroyed.
  • Jessie is ticklish, as revealed in Episode 31 of Chapter IV - Season 4.
  • Initially, Jessie's powers were to be adapted from her original counterpart, being her tentacles, but later was changed to just being her hair being able to extend and powerful enough to act like them.