The Rock Hard Gladiators (or just simply called by the acronym of "RHG") are a super bunch of Stick Fighters created by each and every skilled animator in the world to compete with each other in the arts of Gladiator-style combat. Each animator has his/her own character with their own unique ability, personality, trait and combat mastery. Each fighter will challenge each other in combat. Each animator will propose a challenge against another, if that person accepts it, both animators will pit themselves in 'animation rush'. Whoever finishes his/her animation in RHG automatically wins. The Tournament originated in back in late 2007 when animators Geo, MicShower, Terkoiz and Stone decided to hold an 'animator vs. animator' animation, in where animators will make their own character, animate them in battle and watch the results. This was a possible tribute to the "Animator Vs. Animation" Series which started in mid 2006.

Known Characters

Take Note that the following characters are not in chronological order:
  1. FLLFFL or Alfa a.k.a Philip "Terkoiz" Lacanlale
  2. Mr. Pix a.k.a Geo
  3. Andre a.k.a Stone
  4. MicWizard a.k.a MicShower/MicCool
  5. Oxob a.k.a Oxob3000
  6. Boomerang a.k.a Psyder
  7. Quickfeet a.k.a Eric "Jombo" DeRienzo
  8. Jomm a.k.a Himself
  9. Yoyo a.k.a Hyun
  10. Chuck a.k.a Endo
  11. Hypo a.k.a Himself
  12. Tentionmaru a.k.a Himself
  13. Nhazul a.k.a Matt
  14. Benjamin a.k.a Himself
  15. Inanimate a.k.a Himself
  16. Ichimaru a.k.a Himself
  17. Ada a.k.a Unknown Name
  18. Umbrella a.k.a Unkown Name
  19. Shuriken a.k.a Unknown Name


To be Added...


To be Added...


  • FLLFFL is technically the most powerful and famous RHG Fighter in the entire RHG System.
    • He also happens to be the oldest.