SandStick is a stick who is made out of sand(so he is light brown).


•He can make anything turn into sand just by touching it.

•He can make anything out of sand.


Upgrade 1:Sand Cannon(10000 points):After his standard he makes a sand cannon which fires a random shot in the air.

Upgrade 2:Sand Touch(20000 points):Any enemy that he touches turns into sand(other than big blue).

Upgrade 3:Sandstorm(1 slush token): Level 1 ultra.A sandstorm appears on the screen causing minor damage to everyone on it.

Upgrade 4:Glasstick(Bonus upgrade):He gets angry and transforms into Glasstick.


Glasstick is the transformation of SandStick which he achieves when he is heated up alot or is very angry his powers remain the same except for glass instead of sand.Check him out here.


  • His gun is a Golden Beretta 9mm with a customized Sand Slot.
  • He dosent get along very well with anyone.