Seth is a black stickman who is a defender and one of the other slush fighters.


Seth is a stick with no outline. Seth has blue eyes and dark gray outline.


Seth is happy and nice but commonly gets ticked off easily. Seth's personality can help him in his battles. The most helpful emotion of Seth is his temper. When his temper gets higher the stronger he gets.


Plasma energy:

One of Seth's signiture and common moves, his laser. There are two types of lasers he uses. The fire ball laser which he shoots very often. And the laser blast which he uses when he is tocked off. Seth can also use red plasma energy that is caused by Anger, Stress and negative effects. Seth's red laser can literally destroy anything that it hits.

Hyper mode:

Seth can concentrate on taking his plasma energy to the next level, this can activate Plasma Seth, this allows him to increase his speed, his strength and can hover freely. Hyper beams are also one of his attacks, these are replacements of Seth's laser beam.


  • Seth has dark gray outline.
  • He is the leader of the "Smash team".
  • He is best friends with sticKaillou.
  • Seth's normal attack (without his upgrades) is just 1 punch.
  • Seth's original attack was a back hand.
  • He is the permanent evolve form of Black.
  • Seth and BigBlue had a duel once.
  • Seth literally laughs a lot, he used to be a bad guy but he changed his mind in the age of 9.
  • He is one of The Pure Knights.
  • On "Stickman Adventure" Seth is the 3rd to be unlocked.
  • The laser that Seth can shoot can't be used if he has low energy (this really happens allot).
  • Seth is 16 years old.