Shaden aka RMD (If you guys didn't already know, RMD is a purple stickman with a lighter purple border, he can change into The Red feathered Warrior and into the 2nd Version of the Red Feathered Warrior, you can unlock him by defeating the Green version of him.


After epic adventures, of being in virtual worlds, having a dragon and a ton of work, he had to take a break, he couldn't think about his free time, like, playing the guitar, video games, even homework! Until... The greens captured him and turned him into the boss green's apprentice, it's up to the Stick Fighters to bring him back! 

Him as Red Feathered Warrior v. 2014

As a green fighter...

  • He uses a strong weapon called Skydome, sounds peaceful? You sir are very wrong...It is one of the most powerful enemy weapon in the game!

As a normal fighter...

  • TBW


  • As a green fighter, his name is Greendan (weird isn't it?)
  • If you want to see the Slush Invaders version click my cashew nut
  • He is in Zombie's Apocalypse
  • He lost his First Match ever to Vincetick.
  • Fish fish fish fish fish fish

[1] is his theme song