Slush RPG 2 is the second game in the Slush RPG series. This game is actually a prequel to everying the protagonists have done and will do. This game takes place before any of the Protagonists or Antagonists were born. They will keep going back in time further to see the protagonists' and antagonists' ancestors through the fabrics of the past.


This is the intro to the game when the player makes a new file:

Once upon a time, great heroes set on a great adventure by the names of Vincent, Chakatan, Drew, Fan, RMD, TRS, and many others. A great war broke out and it up to this vast gang of heroes to save the world. They battled foes big and small and in the end, they put the vile Dark Stick out of his misery and finally got rid of the ancient StGlitch. But this story isn't about them. Oh no, this story about the heroes that came before them. Long before them.


  1. Gold Rush (1849)
  2. Pirate Seas (1679)
  3. Greek Dark Ages (1100 BC)
  4. Ancient Egypt (3100 BC)


  1. Tutorial: General Blue
  2. Gold Rush: Burglar Bot (Spinbot)
  3. Pirate Seas: Pixel the Pirate (StGlitch)
  4. Greek Dark Ages: Kronostick (Kronos)
  5. Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh Blue (General Blue)