StAgilan is a half Tamil, half Chinese, former warrior. He is now the leader of The Kinesians, and has many allies. He is a rare member of the Slusher Wing, but he does help out occasionally.

Character Summary

StAgilan is very calm and collected, and he is never suprised at anything. This is due to his chinese training as a warrior, and his experience in battle. However, he has many secrets inside, ones that put a huge burden on him, and ones that cannot be shared. However, he still accepts Stickiro as part of his team and helps him, though this only adds to his burden. He will be ready for anything.

Charcter Story

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Stagilan is a white stickman with a black border. When you first meet him, he is 25, and he is 111 when you last see him. When he is meditating, his eyes become ovals, and are pure white. Otherwise, his eyes are similar to stickiro's, but he has light blue irises, with blue pupils. He often is in the meditation position.


He has many abilities


Omnikinesis: He has the power to manipulate everything and anything, except for immaterial targets, such as concepts. However, he has spent most of his life practicing his powers, so he is not that good at regular battle. However, this changes over time.

Superspeed and superstrength: He can infuse his powers with his regular skills, making him super strong and fast. This also makes him able to leap 1 mile into the air! However, he does not use these powers much.

Healing: Being that he has vitakinesis, he can heal himself. However, he is not invunerable, and still feels pain.

And many other powers: See Powerlisting wiki for more. The website lists many kinesises, he has all of them and more!


He is very quick witted, and defeats many enemies this way, if something is hampering his powers.


Rage of the Giants: He glows red, and grows to an immense size, making him invincible for 10 seconds.

Whirlwind of the Dragons: he creates a very large whirlwind, with all the elements, like fire and lightning, flashing within it.

Calling all Kinesians (Ultra): Calls all kinesians in and everyone uses their powers. Level 2, costs 3 slush tokens

Enhancing time! (Bonus): he randomly enhances any slush fighter's stats, making them glow white, and they keep this for the rest of the level. He may enhance himself.


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