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Stacob is a light green stickman with no border. Stacob is the leader of AssassinSticks.


He was born in a rich family and had powers, his family got freaked out and decided to abandon him, eventually a scientist found him and raised him as his own.


- He has the power of spawning any shape and any form with lines on it.

- He can also change the color of the shapes.

- He also has the power of Ice and Air.

- He is also a psychic. ( can control objects at will )


Combo+ - He adds a left jab with an uppercut adding damage and altitude.

Stronger Shapes- Sphere lasts 2 sec. longer

Shapageddon- Makes Epic.


-On my Sketchpad, his real name is Spencer.

-He's supposed to be a geometry teacher.

-He knows the 10 basic shapes when he was 1 year old.

-He's my first character on the wiki.

-His favorite color is red. (contrast to his body-color)

Scientific Trivia

-He can summon shapes by releasing gases from his hand, unoticable by the human eye.

 -The gases deposits (making gas into solid) and colors the gas he chooses.

-He can also control the shapes by brain waves (he's a psychic), he can also move other objects but not so strong, it's because he's used  to move crystalized gas (a light weight material).

-Technically, he can also change the colors of normal house-hold objects, but it will be frozen and has a color of his choice.


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