Sterlin is a dark yellow stickmen with an orange outlining. He is based off of Black Mage, from Final Fantasy. Sterlin maybe a wizard, but his wizardy knowledge might still needs to be updated. He is one of the three characters that you start in the Slush Invaders Fan Made Game, along with Oreostick and The Real Steric.

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  • Abilities can vary from psychic powers to using elemental attacks.
  • Rides on his staff, which allows no ground attacks to hit him.
  • The fighter right of him gets to take 2 more hits before the fighter goes off screen.


He can attack with fire, chucking rocks using his psychic powers, freezing an enemy, or blowing all enemies on the screen back the to the middle of the screen. These attacks represents the 4 seasons in a way. Since he is an AUTO fighter, he attacks every 15-25 seconds, and he can only use one of his attack at a time.


  • Faster Thinking  (15,000 pts)
    • Sterlin uses his attacks more often then he usually would (From 5-10 seconds)
  • Magic Intensifier (27,500 pts)
    • ​Sterlin's attacks are 20% stronger
    • Freezing causes enemies to freeze for 5 more seconds and slowly starts giving enemies frostbites
    • Enemies that are blown back also take damage
    • Sterlin chucks bigger rocks
    • Sterlin's fire is stronger
  • S.H.I.E.L.D (Lv. 3 Ultra attack)
    • Shield. Harden. Intensifier. Electrical. Legal. Destruction.
    • Everyone gets 150% more attack power, and will be invincible for 60 seconds. (Bag Guys not included)