He is a white stickman with a black border, he wears a white tuxedo with a red bow-tie and a pair of white shoes. He also wears a white top hat with a blue ribbon, a black monocle  and a white cape. He also has black hair and he also wears a white vest under the white tuxedo with a blue tie.

Disclaimer: He is not my design, I referenced him on Detective Conan, a Japanese anime, totally awesome.


SticKid (or Stick Kepu, real name) is a Japanese transferee from Japan. He is a big fan of Detective Conan, especially Kid, the master thief, so he studied everything about him, his weapons, tricks, and cape. But this didn't became a farce on his studies. In fact, by the time he makes Kid's glider, they're studying physics, and when he studied Kid's smoke bombs, they're studying chemistry. Stick Kepu became the valedictorian at his school.


-He can do many things a magician can. These are:                                    

-He can fly. ( with wires )                                                          

-He can glide. ( with his glider )                                                    

-He can disappear. ( with smoke bombs )                                              

-He can be very agile. ( but not super-speed )                                        

-He can be very smart in points off danger. ( which he is always in trouble )        

-He can shoot from very far distances. ( because of his monocle )                    

-He can mimic anyone and everyone. ( even girls! )                                    

Not really abilities:

-He is a valedictorian.                                                              

-He speaks Japanese and English.                                                      

-He knows all of the episodes on Detective Conan.


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