Stick David is a White stickmen with a dark green boarder. He has the ability to control electricity and make thunder and electricity related moves. He also wears a necklace that was given from his long lost friend.


  • Has the ability to control electricity
  • Can create thunderstorms 
  • Can turn into a lightning bolt himself and go through various objects at lightning speed.
  • Can go through objects without breaking them if he doesn't intent to.
  • At the point where go travels at lightning speed, he could penetrate through ANYTHING, but large diamond-like objects and ridiculously hot objects.


  • Starts by by zooming across the screen and near the enemy, shocks the enemy with lightning that makes him fly across the screen, lands down and uppercuts the enemy with a thunder punch, and finishes with a 360 flip kick that makes the enemy fall downwards at the velocity he is traveling in.


  • Shockage+ (15,000 pts)
    • Allows Stick David to give off 15% shocking power!
  • Light Speed Boost (24,000 pts)
    • The Fighter on the left is affected by this. The Fighter's attack goes at a faster rate than normal, which allows faster attacking and more recharging.
    • It is represented by a Dark orange circle with a lightning bolt symbol in the middle.
  • Thunder Boost+++ (Level 3 Ultra attack) (Requires 3 Slush Tokens)
    • 30% more Recharge Boost and 30% more Attack Power for ALL FIGHTERS for the WHOLE LEVEL!!! 
    • Also allows everyone to charge the ultra bar with 2% more for every hit they make!


  • Although he listens to music a lot, he does not have a theme, but this song is considered his "theme" or just his favorite song with no lyrics if some people prefer it.
  • His original Concept came with the actual icon that is going to be made soon.
  • If the enemy's velocity is low, there is a chance that the ending kick will make the enemy go a bit slanted from straight.