Stick Zee (a.k.a The gorgeous fighter) Is a Yellow Stickman with a pink border and lavender eyes. She is a character in Stickman Adventure

About her

She is cheerful and happy, she is a female fighter and her name is based on the letter "Z".  Her power is a purpulish fire that can burn enemies. She has a crush on Stick Stan.


  • She is the first female fighter in this wiki.
  • B likes her.
  • She likes Stick Stan
  • She is close friends with Seth.
  • She is one of the few sticks ever to actively engage TRS in a fight.
  • She can stay very calm.
  • Zee has her ex boyfriend name Jake.
  • In sticks the series episode 73 "The Zee beast" this shows that Zee can turn into a flying dragon like monster that can destroy objects and people.