Stickevin is a white stickman, who is one of The Kinesians.

Character Summary

Stickevin is a optimistic and happy former ninja, who has a Ice mace and the Sword of Ice.

Character Story/Origins

Stickevin was born on blah blah blah... so anyways one night, he went out on an errand. He came home very late, so he had to drive home in a blizzard. He was thinking how wonderful it would be to get inside, but then he dropped the keys in a snowdrift. He searched and searched, but he couldn't find it. So he sat down dejectedly, unknowingly wishing that the snow wouldn't pile up on him, and turn him int a snowman. He got his wish. the snow fel around him. He sat in wonder. Then he saw the hanging icicles and how beautiful they were and wondered if they could help him get in his house. The Icicle turned into a key, and he got in the house. He then knew that he had cyrokinesis, the ability to control ice and snow. Sadly, he couldn't generate snow. The rest is on a different page: The Kinesians' Adventures.


Stickevin is a white stickman, with a grey border. He is often seen with his Sword of Ice sheathed and holding his Ice Mace. He is also shown wearing a gold headband, a gold brestplate, gold wristguards, and gold ankle-guards. He is often smiling as well.




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