Stickman Universe is a 20 minutes (originally 3 - 10 minutes) stick figure series animated and created by Red Tiger (known as Vince in this wiki and others). The series will be released in September 14, 2020 and it will be aired on YouTube with the shows premiere episode. The series is still under animation and production, currently it is now in Chapter VI: Season 3 in Vince's private website.

Chapter Lists

The lists below is about the Lists of Chapters within Stickman Universe, if you want to see the Season Lists of each Chapter, click them, if you want to visit the Episode Lists, click the Season you want to view to see them.

  • Chapter I - The beginning of the story, though chronologically the second act in the series. This follows the story of the main protagonist as he "reincarnates" a team that used to protect the world with a new set of members.
  • Chapter II - Chronologically the beginning of the story that follows the main protagonist's adventures from when he was still a kid.
  • Chapter III - This follows the group where they left off from the first chapter, where they set out into final frontier of space to prevent a Galactic War from erupting.
  • Chapter IV - Continuing the story once again, as the protagonist and his group returns to Earth. The battle between the protagonist's team and the antagonists continue, as well as new faces appearing, both as allies and enemies.
  • Chapter V - The protagonist turns on an anti-hero to an antagonist role during the first season after losing the girl he loves. The rest of the group have to save him from his own anger and hatred as well as to stop him from plunging the world into an Apocalytic Dystopia.
  • Chapter VI - Continuing the story... the protagonist returns, but after losing his most powerful ability, he goes to a normal life once again, but has to deal with numerous situations presented to him.
  • Chapter VII - The penultimate chapter in the series.
  • Chapter VIII - The final chapter and the conclusion to the series.

Movie List

The lists below is about the Lists of Movies within Stickman Universe

Chapter I Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe: The First Movie- "Taking place a week after the first season of the first chapter, Vincent and the Universe Crew face a rather trough group of criminals who hold something that could lead to Hope City's downfall, with the intention that it will bring forth an endless amount of fortune and power. Vincent and the Universe Crew set out to stop them before it's too late."
  • Stickman Universe Movie 2: The Magician's Awakening - "Vincent and the Universe Crew face a supernatural and rather powerful being known as "The Cursed Magician". Through the climax of the movie, it is revealed that the Magician is Vanderson Hexica, Vincent's great-great grandfather's former ally turned enemy. The Magician plans to get revenge on Vicente's family in the present, with the intent of killing them all, especially Vincent, whom he is reminded of Vicente and puts a personal grudge and hatred towards him. Can Vincent and the Universe Crew be able to face such a formidable opponent?"
  • Stickman Universe Movie 3: Rise of the Dark Alliance - "A once feared faction known as the Dark Alliance has been re-awakened and is pit against Vincent and the Universe Crew, continuing a decade old war from the previous generation to the current generation. Faced with such strong opponents, it is up to our heroes to stand against them and see if they have what it takes to carry the torch that has been passed on to them."

Chapter II/Prologue Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe Prologue Movie: The Bayou Monster - "Vincent, Raven, Adrian, Justin, Daniel, Jomary, Grachelle, Gennelyne and Jericho take a sudden trip to a marsh town called Gator Bayou. Their trip turns into a mystery case as a big, crocodile-like monster called the "Bayou Monster" begins to once again cause terror in the town. It's up to Vincent and the gang to solve yet another mystery, this time in a place that they aren't all to fancy and familiar with."
  • Stickman Universe Prologue Movie 2: Carnival Carnage - "A carnival comes into the city and everyone is excited to go there, including the Mystery Club. However, with all the cotton candy, fun rides and clowns, there's more to this place than meets the eye. Sudden disappearances of people begin to rise and the last place they have all been is in the carnival itself. Vincent and the Mystery Club are about to take a ride that'll leave them more than just needing barf bags to finish a day at the carnival."
  • Stickman Universe Prologue Movie 3: The Crystal Lake Thriller - "The group take a trip to a local camp outside the city called "Camp Crystal Lake", where the staff has the group help them sort things out for the upcoming summer season attendees. However, this trip turns into a sudden classic 70's thriller as a masked serial killer turns the camp into his hunting grounds, and has made everyone in the camp his prey. Can Vincent and the others escape the camp?"
  • Stickman Universe Prologue Movie 4: The Mansion Mystery - "A trip to a mansion for a school conference turns into a murder mystery where people are getting picked off one by one by an unknown murderer. It's up to the Mystery Club to find out who this person is and save everyone from becoming the next target."
  • Stickman Universe Prologue Movie 5: Alien Invasion! - "An unknown alien race arrives on Earth and has secretly begun to create nesting grounds beneath Hope City. Vincent and his friends have to stop these extraterrestrial visitors from turning Earth into their new home planet."
  • Stickman Universe Final Prologue Movie 6 - No Information given yet

Chapter III Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe Movie 4: Exploding Sun - "Vincent and the Universe Crew are faced against an alien race who's main objective is to harness the energy of giant stars, and in this case, suns. Within the Ares Galaxy lies the gigantic Eyesore Sun, the nearest, biggest and powerful sun within the sight of the aliens. Now with their eyes set on harnessing the power of the Eyesore Sun, this will threaten any nearby planets and galaxies, as a big bang will arrive and endanger all those that will be caught within its radius. Can Vincent and the Universe stop them before it's too late?"

Chapter IV Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe Movie 5: Guise of Nightmare - "People are said to seldom their fears and often think about dreams that are bliss and promising. However, these dreams can become the one thing a single person fears the most, and what if that fear comes to life? A being that was given birth from the many fears of many, which has taken the form of a demon that embodies nightmares that now lives in the mind of our protagonist. Dreams may come true... but so do nightmares..."
  • Stickman Universe Movie 6: Revenge of the Magician - "Taking place between the events of Chapter IV - Season 5 and Season 6, the Magician has returned and has taken the opportunity of the situation Vincent and the others have gotten themselves into; being public enemy #1, to get revenge on him and kill him. With the New World Order and the Magician after him, Vincent has to do everything that he can to defeat him and the World Order to continue his objective in saving the world."

Chapter V Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe Movie 7: Crossed Retribution - "Taking place between the events of Chapter V - Season 2 and Season 3, the Universe Crew are confronted with the growing power of the Dark Alliance. Meanwhile, Vincent's personal act in getting revenge on the person who killed Pyra continues, however, he must come across his conflicting decisions that threaten to tear him apart."

Chapter VI Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe Movie 8: Vengeance of the Dark Alliance - "Set back between the events of Chapter IV - Season 3 and Season 4, Vincent is being hunted down by every single one of the members of the Dark Alliance, while the other Universe Crew members are currently out. With only Stephanie and Pyra by his side, can the trio be able to battle the odds stacked against them?"
  • Stickman Universe Movie 9: The Stone of Light - "When a mythical gem known as the Stone of Light disappears, a deadly dark force is unleashed onto Pearlshore City and threatens to spread and extinguish all life on the world. In this upcoming new movie in the Stickman Universe series, the Universe Crew will be heading out to face the dangers of this dark force and find the Stone of Light before all life as they know it ceases!"

Chapter VII Movie(s):

  • Stickman Universe 10: The Clash of Time and Reality - "The Goddess of Reality has made her presence known and now continues what is revealed to be a war long held back by Historia during ancient times. Archea, the Goddess of Machines, becomes involved in this war. The Universe Crew are now mixed in the conflict between time, reality and machines."


Title Details
*Universe Crew Defense
  • Platformer adventure flash game

The Universe Crew must fend off the oncoming forces of the Dark Alliance.

*Stickman Universe: Season of Dawn
  • Visual novel

Vincent and the others begin to feel a strange spiritual energy around Pearlshore City and decide to investigate. At that moment, a mysterious girl appears who the begins to stalk them. Suddenly, the group loses their memory of this event and are then taken back three weeks prior to the incident where the girls all begin to suffer a form of memory loss. It is up to Vincent to bring these memories back, as well as to find out what is truly happening.


  • Stickman Universe: Season of Dawn is the first game in the series to make use of the characters' anime style designs.
    • It is also the third game to feature a game exclusive character, Dawn Casandra, in the series.


Main Cast:

Universe Crew:
The Rookie Fighters:
Andrew's Group:

Supporting Cast:

Hope City:
  • Aira Shayne (as of Ch I - SE 3)
  • Crystal Sona (as of Ch IV - SE 1)
  • Alice Majestica (as of Ch VI - SE 6)
  • Escequel
  • Angel
  • Loren
  • Winlove
  • Peter
  • Adearlson
  • Cris Ann
  • John Mark
  • Mr. Jones
  • Raven Carters (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12 (Deceased))
  • Adrian (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Justin (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Grashel (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Rachelle (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Unica (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Ronnie (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Justine (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Maddison Young
  • Gennelyne (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Angelo (until Ch II/Prologue - SE 12)
  • Angelo Josefus Heavens
  • Diablo Lucifrous Hell
  • Oracle Fantasia (as of Ch IV - SE 1)

This part is still Incomplete...

Stinja Clan:
  • Blade Stinja
  • Yu Heki
  • Sakura Youko
  • Hikari Yuuki
  • Taizen Sei
  • Kenta Yumiro (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Stinjas
Luxury City:
  • Hinamaya Iku (as of Ch IV - SE 1; Stories from Summer)
  • Marilyn Iku (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Rika Silvers (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Lea Stewart (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Iyumi Seginozawa (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Mio Akiyama (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Ritsu Tainaka (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Tsumugi Kotobuki (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Azusa Nakano (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Yui Hirasawa (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer
  • Icharu Geralds (as of Ch VI - SE 2; Stories from Summer)
  • Klaus Masterson
Original Universe Crew:
  • Rosemary Manao (Deceased)
  • Chris Jackson
  • Andrewford Stickadius
  • Zea
  • Galileo Ares Crawford*
  • Joseph Miller (Deceased)
  • Blade Stinja*
  • Destro Yearn* (Deceased)
  • Jay Sei Nochie* (Deceased)
  • Pearl Wright
Pearlshore City:


Dark Alliance:
  • Lightning Universe
  • Frostella Iceagia
  • The Destroyer (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Dred
  • Felix Christopher (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Benjamin Alexi Von Logan (before reformation in Ch V - SE 6)
  • Ravage (before reformation in Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Winona Laurens (before reformation)
  • Black (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Beatbox Shockwaker (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Meteor Smasher (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • Tendrus Nightsphere (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Crimson (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • The Unknowns (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • King Armageddon (until Ch I - SE 1 (Deceased))
  • Kaizer Thunder (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • Beast (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • The Dark Fighters (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • The Crush Fighters (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • Grappler (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • Living Laser (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Professor Craniac (until Ch V - SE 6)
  • Maul (until Ch V - SE 6 (Deceased))
  • Frightmare (until Ch V - SE 6 (Presumably Deceased))
Hope City Criminals:
The New World Order:
  • Neo Feronpros
  • Reiyumi Manao
  • Absolute Army
    • Codename: Force
    • Art Truth
    • Codename: Lion
    • Codename: Existence
    • Codename: Starbuster
    • Hanson
    • Ulysses Von Ruskov
    • Codename: Heat
    • Absolute Mechas
  • Dash "Cutthroat" Rivera
  • Professor Anderson Lunatic
  • The Final Four
    • "First"
    • "Second"
    • "Third"
    • "Fourth"

[More to be Added...]


  • The premiere is 5 years away. (This will be updated from time to time to ensure the series' premiere is on schedule)
  • There are a lot of running gags in the series and they are:
    • Robert and Harry Danger being blasted off or launched into the air by Vincent and the group.
    • Red and Jessie getting into an argument, only for something unexpected to happen (Ex: A sudden explosion happening mid-way into their bickering, somebody yelling or screaming something, etc.).
    • Vincent being the one to be caught (and tied) by ropes almost all the time.
    • Vincent being electrocuted almost all the time.
    • JunWizard and/or Pedro being hit on the head by Brick for saying something highly ridiculous or doing something really stupid.