Stickman Universe: Universal Rumble! is a 3D, free roam, online multiplayer, action packed, beat 'em up game created by the series' creator, Red Tiger.

The game is set in a different universe where the Universe Crew are up against the most dangerous odds of all, against all of their Universe's threat while holding down their own ground to protect the Earth from the Dark Alliance.


The game's mechanics are simple to that of traditional online games with a thirdperson perspective. The action movements are coded into either the keyboard or the mouse (console on some versions).

The game's controls are listed below:

Stickman Universe: Universal Rumble! Controls
Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys (or W, A, S, D) Movement Controls
J (or LMB) Primary Attack
K (or RMB) Secondary Attack
L (or MMB)

Special Attack

E Interaction
Q Open Character Wheel/Select Teammate
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0... Abilities
TAB Open Server/Player List
SHIFT Sprint
Ctrl Crouch
Space Jump (press two times to double jump or fly)
Y In-Game Chat
` Open Task List
M Open Map
P Pause
Esc Menu

Most of the structures in-game can be destroyed, giving a sense of destruction and mayhem as to where the game takes place. During the tutorial, you will be able to choose between 3 different class which are below

Universal Rumble! Classes
Fighter Characters with very unique abilities, though not Super, they are more evasive than most classes. Higher Defense Stats, they can use other weapons as their own with more attack power.
Super Characters with a big arsenal of super abilities, far more powerful than fighters. Higher Attack Stats, they are faster and can use most of any interactive objects to support them.
Gunner Characters with a heavy set of firepower and guns, more accurate than Fighters and Supers, though they are not the most defensive. Higher Accuracy and Cooldown, they are deadly when using any kind of ranged weaponry, they can also be combatant when it comes to melee but not in the case of being surrounded.

Each Class are very unique with each other, for instance the Fighters can be quicker in dodging attacks and doing parkour moves when roaming around the game, the Gunners being weak in close quarters combat, not unless if they aren't surrounded by a group of enemies and the Supers being able to fly (for most of them).

During the tutorial, after choosing a class, you will choose 2 characters from one of the class you've chosen. The characters are listed below:

If you chose the Fighter Class: You will have the choice to choose either Marcstick or Nhazul.

If you chose the Super Class: You will have the choice to choose either Red or Oxob.

If you chose the Gunner Class: You will have the choice to choose either Westick or Stick JK.

Choosing any of the following will still result in the same tutorial stage, but with different instructors. On the Fighters turorial, Crazy Jay will be the instructor. On the Supers tutorial, Vincent will be the instructor. And lastly on the Gunners tutorial, Commander Steel will be the instructor.

It's best to NOT skip the tutorial to get accustomed with the controls and the basics, if you skip this you will have a very frustrating and confusing time trying to know what to do as, after the tutorial, you will be assigned to your partner on your first mission. Each class has their own partner, depending on what class you chose.

If you chose the Fighter Class: Your partner will be Stick Jorge.

If you chose the Super Class: Your partner will be Quickfeet.

If you chose the Gunner Class: Your partner will be Vinnie.

Another tutorial will start during your first time with your new partner, the game will teach you how to cooperate with your team members. The basics are about the following:

"Commanding", "Cooperative Attack", "Coordinated Counter-Attack", "Tag Team", "Enemy Switching", "Team Attack", "Team Breakaway" and "Team Finish".

After this, you will be given some complimentary currency in-game to spend on the game's market. After that, you will be able to create your own character, their main weapon of choice from the class you chose him/her to be and create your own partner. Once you are done, you are free to do whatever you want as the game's story is about defending the Earth and the whole Universe from the mass threat.

You can recruit the other main characters, via the "Character List", you can recruit others by spending the game's currency on them, unlock some through their missions or find some collectibles to do so. Though you can let them join your party, you cannot make them join at once, as some players may be using them already, so you will have to make use with the other characters during this. You can also use one of the main characters.

Though you can still create another character after reaching a certain level or by finish some tasks given to you by the main characters themselves. You can team-up with them as well in their missions, but not permanently. You can also unlock 2 more classes by reaching a certain level.

The maximum members in a party is 12. You can also invite other friends to join your party, via invitation.

You can visit other places, via the "Universe Starline Map". There you can visit other locations from Earth to other Planets and battle it's threats. Some of them may visit Earth and you may have to fend them off with your team. There is an in-game biology of each characters in the game, from the heroes to the villains to the NPC's and lastly to the locations. You can also use items in the game to help you. You can also buy pets to help you as well.


In-Game Introduction: "In the Year 2015, After the defeat of the Destroyer and it's army by the Universe Crew, a whole new threat has come upon the whole Universe once again, this time, withe plot of wreaking havoc everywhere, including Earth. With the crew gathering everyone, they are now engaged a full on, heated war against all of the mass formation of evil in the Universe. And so... a Universal Rumble occurs!"

The game will start off in the menu screen, showing various members of the crew fighting all of the enemies in the game, once you start the game will begin an explanation of the game's setting, in a raging war between Earth's heroes against all of the Unvierse's villains, including some on Earth itself. After this, the tutorial will begin and you will get to choose one of the three class given to you (there are 5 class in total, but you will only start with 3 as the last 2 classes are unlocked after reaching a certain level).

After finishing the tutorial, the player(s) will have to help the whole gang fend off the villains from Earth and save the Universe in a battle centering around the whole Universe itself.


Story Achievements:

  • Ready! - Finish the Tutorial
  • Got Skills? - Unlock 3 skills in any class
  • Home Ground - Survive the Invasion on New York City's Stadium.
  • Class is in Session - Get 3 characters in your team who have different classes.
  • Miles to Run - Escape the Fallout in Shanghai.
  • High Aim Chase! - Recapture the Rogue B-107 X-Drone.
  • Ultimate Universe - Cross Over to the Ultimate-verse.
  • Under Pressure - Escape the sinking Poseidon.
  • Born for War - Protect the Past from the Incursions.
  • Upper West over Lower East - Survive the Collapsing Underground Hiroshima Mine.
  • Death on Gold - Delay Death's arrival.
  • A Passion to Burn with - Extinguish the Flamewrath's vengeance.
  • Seeing... is always beating - Locate and Defeat Chameleon.
  • Like that Guy who Has... - Defeat Mr. Unknown.
  • Dismemberment - Subdue Savage.
  • Wing on a Tower - Secure Slusher before the Emergency Protocol activates.
  • Catch ya' Later!! - Capture all of the remaining Battle Access Chips before the Dark Alliance.
  • New to the Area - Help the Martian Brigade fight off the Venus Army.
  • Battle on a Whole New Planet - As Alfa, defeat the Corrupted Xenotaphians before their Planet calls for 'drastic measures'.
  • Like that's a Problem - Solve the Problem about Planet X.

In-Game Achievements:

  • Got Talent - Do 5 different Parkour Moves.
  • As fast as... - Reach 10,000 miles in a single run.
  • I like to Break Stuff - Break 10 destructible objects.
  • Breaking the 400th Wall - Break 400 destructible walls.
  • Parkour Enthusiast - Do 17 different Parkour Moves.
  • Master of Urban Evasion - Do all known Parkour Moves.
  • Grounded - Do a Freefall action while falling.
  • Got Reflexes - Dodge 5 times.
  • I've seen Enough - Defeat 15 enemies while Blinded.

Development History

October 21, 2013:

  • The idea of a MMORPG-style based game for Stickman Universe came into view and the plan was set into motion
  • Concept arts began in early sketches
  • Codes for the Controls were added

December 2, 2013:

  • RT had to learn a lot of code prompts to begin with in order to make the 3D environment of Universal Rumble! different from SI 3 and SU: B.
  • Movesets were added to characters
  • 7 Characters came to the game.
  • A Dozen variety of old and new enemies were implemented

December 27, 2013:

  • First Beta testing came.
  • A lot of Failure in both coding and programming showed up
  • Instigated a few 'cut characters' (sorry no spoilers)
  • Player Pointer was added (to help confused players to see who they were using)

February 5, 2014:

  • 1st Beta Testing ended in complete and utter dissappointment
  • Coding and Programming became a MAJOR priority
  • 12 more characters were added
  • RT had to learn how to make the background objects "move".
  • Health Bar was added
  • Special Attack Bar was added
  • Inventory was added
  • Audio was added
  • Lessen the chance of being OP
  • Iconic villains were added as either enemies or bosses.
  • Special Effects began to be added
  • Sound Effects began to be added

April 10, 2014:

  • Second Beta testing came
  • RT finalized another way to make the 'background objects' into 'interactive objects'.
  • Quotes were added
  • Move List was added
  • Lessen the chance of getting killed by a single hit from a boss.
  • New Improvements for the Program Software to enable the game's advanced quality and graphics
  • Lags, lags, lags... LAGS EVERYWHERE!!!
  • Fixed a crash error

April 13, 2014:

  • Lags were finally taken care of.
  • Animated Move List for each respective move for each character was added
  • Menu Screen was added
  • Animated cutscenes and in-between battle conversations were implemented
  • Chat was added
  • Clearer backdrop and music was added into different parts of the game's locations with their own unique structures and props.

May 8, 2014:

  • Worldwide Locations were finally added... with a bit of glitches and lags to go along with it.
  • Fixed the lags.
  • NPC's were added
  • Missions were added
  • Interactions with objects were made

August 29, 2014:

  • A few nonsense were seen within the game
  • Easter Eggs were added (Legend of Zelda, Evolve, Rainbow Six, etc.)
  • In-game references
  • (Vince please add details)
    • ^ Hitman Reference hidden somewhere in the game.
    • A lot of references hidden in the game.
  • Improved Programming for all available characters
  • Improved Controls, Audio and the addition of Fullscreen Mode.
  • Different Classes were added
  • Removed the old stuff
  • Added a few more interesting things
  • Added 107 more characters
  • Added 6 dozen more enemies
  • 2 more locations

September 30, 2014:

  • Team-Ups were added
  • Party Groups were added
  • Friendly Fights were lessened
  • Anonymous drawbacks were taken down

December 23, 2014:

  • Removed a few the stuff. things that were in the last few updates to make the game more intriguing.
  • Added 52 more characters
  • Bosses were now added
  • Travelling outside the Earth was made possible (Neil Armstrong reference?)

January 2, 2015:

  • 2nd Beta testing ended in half success.
  • Open Beta came into view
  • Enabled interactions with other NPC's, characters and players.

January 17, 2015:

  • Managed to fix some bugs and difficulties in the game while I was sick.

January 21, 2015:

  • Added a few other stuff. things
  • Fixed a bug that made the game unplayable after 6 hours.
  • Fixed a bug that made the game's 'destructible objects' not destructible at all


"The War in the Universe is a secret... there are no evidence of this fight, yet."


  • Though having super powers, Jessie, Paige and Amy are listed as "Fighters".
    • This also goes with other characters.
  • Vincent, Standrew, Alfa, Black Lightning, The Destroyer, Sthomas, DrewStick, Dark Green and 28 other characters are the only ones with more than one class in their bio.
  • Bill is the only pet in the Pet Shop to not be purchasable as he is with Chakatan.
  • Somehow, all of the players in the game can have Dark Green in their party all at once. Though these may be clones.
  • New York City is the most common battleground in the game as it has more destructible and useable objects and the location is more torn than the others, giving a more vibrant sense of action.
  • Planet X13 is the most visited planet in the game, due to having a more intense wave enemies.
  • The Slush Fighters became available during update Version 1.9, dubbed as "The Slusher Update".
  • The RHG Fighters became available during update Version 2.4, dubbed as "The Gladiator's Update".
  • The rest of the Earth's locale became available during update Version 2.6, dubbed as "The Worldwide Battle".
  • More Coming Soon...