Stickman Universe: Zombieverse is the first Season of Chapter III, the first Season of the Trans-Universe series and the 20th overall Season of the entire Stickman Universe saga.

This season features the return of Vincent, but does not feature the return of any of the Universe Crew, but shows the appearance of Vincent's team of survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. The Zombieverse season is set on the years 2012 - 2014 as Vincent and the remaining survivors of Metro Hope City thrive to live and fight the undead. This season also features new enemies; the Zombies, the Bandits, the Mercenaries and the Creator of the Plague, Dr. Albert Hosk Julien Genesis (Dr. A.O.J Genesis).

Though this does continue the story of previous Chapters, this is set on the Universe where the Zombie Apocalypse has started and all of humanity has plunged into a bloody shroud of darkness with humans turning into ravenous, insane and cannibalistic creatures devouring any human being they see or smell, now Vincent leads a large group of survivors to safety and survive as each day of their lives may be their last.


Part 1: "Dawn of the New Age"

Episode 1: "The Apocalypse begins - Part 1"

Episode 2: "The Apocalypse begins - Part 2"

Episode 3: "Safety in Numbers"

Episode 4: "The Unknown"

Episode 5: "Low"

Episode 6: "Heartbreaking"

Episode 7: "Together"

Episode 8: "Sunshine"

Episode 9: "Zommunity"

Episode 10: "Days Gone Bye"

Episode 11: "Rotten"

Episode 12: "Behold"

Episode 13: "Left Behind"

Part 2: "Apocalyptic Crisis"

Episode 14: "Welcome!"

Episode 15: "Last"

Episode 16: "Survivor"

Episode 17: "The Bandits"

Episode 18: "Return"

Episode 19: "Imperfect"

Episode 20: "Isolation"

Episode 21: "Infected"

Episode 22: "War"

Episode 23: "Abandoned"

Episode 24: "Wrong Choice"

Episode 25: "No one gets Left Behind"

Episode 26: "A New Trust"

Episode 27: "Odd"

Part 3: "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living!"

Episode 28: "28 Weeks Later"

Episode 29: "Alone"

Episode 30: "Here they Come"

Episode 31: "Mercenaries for Hire"

Episode 32: "The Truth"

Episode 33: "Their Land, Their Blood"

Episode 34: "Left for Dead"

Episode 35: "Guts"

Episode 36: "What Comes After"

Episode 38: "Crash landing"

Episode 39: "Separated":

Episode 40: "Life Among all others"

Episode 41: "Decisions"

Episode 42: "End of an End"

Episode 43: "The Fall"

Episode 44: "Mistakes"

Episode 45: "A New Start"

Part 4: "The Apocalypse Ends"

Episode 46: "Taking the Long Trip"

Episode 47: "Straggler's ain't nothing"

Episode 48: "Unpredictable"

Episode 49: "Reasons"

Episode 50: "Gotta Hate Livin'!"

Episode 51: "Home Along the Rails"

Episode 52: "Enough of the Rough"

Episode 53: "An Officer's Cry for Help!"

Episode 54: "Long Road Ahead"

Episode 55: "What's Next?"

Episode 56: "Who's Next?"

Episode 57: "Inspiring Leadership"

Episode 58: "Death Toll"

Episode 59: "Airborne"

Episode 60: "Destination: Blackthorn City"

Episode 61: "Final Destination"

Episode 62: "Black and Red"

Episode 63: "Blackthorn City, The City of the Dead"

Episode 64: "Arrival to Death's Door"

Episode 65: "Nothin' Worth Fighting For"

Episode 66: "The Dead Zone"

Episode 67: "No Time Left, Saving the World!"

Episode 68: "A New Hope - Part 1: 'Hope Tower' "

Episode 69: "A New Hope - Part 2: 'Secrets of the Apocalypse' "

Episode 70: "A New Hope - Part 3: 'All Hope is Lost' "

Episode 71: "A New Hope - Part 4: 'The Last Stand' "

Episode 72: "A New Hope"


  • Among the next following Seasons of Chapter III, this is the first and only storyline that the Stickman Universe Crew does not appear in with the exception of Vincent.
    • This is also where Vincent's Savior Arm does not appear. Possibly this story happening in a parallel universe where the Zombie Apocalypse has come true.
  • The Total Death's in this story is over 99.
    • Though the Death Toll of the whole story would have been 100 if Cletus' status is confirmed to be dead.
  • When the end of the Season comes to a close, a believed dead zombie's hand twitches meaning that it is still alive, unaware to the Group. This could nod to the Zombieverse's return.